About us

Space-based earth observation missions are an essential building block gaining the data to understand our planet. In particular, space missions which are enhanced by laser-based instruments enable new ways of monitoring the atmosphere or the planet’s surface.

The availability of space-qualified TRL 6 high performance coated Alexandrite laser crystals within Europe is a major enabling technology for future earth observation space missions. For this reason, the GALACTIC project aims for the creation of the complete supply chain solely by European industry for high performance, high quality coated Alexandrite laser crystals.

For this goal, two industrial partners and a research institute team up to combine their expertise and reach this goal:


Altechna (LT) will contribute its expertise on high performance optical coatings and characterization methods to develop space-compliant, highly durable optical coatings specifically tailored for Alexandrite pulsed laser operation.


Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (DE) as a research institute with strong experience in the development of laser sources for space applications will develop demonstrator laser systems based on the newly developed Alexandrite crystals proving their superior lasing performance.

Optomaterials S.r.l. (IT) as expert in single crystal growth will advance Alexandrite crystal growth and machining techniques to produce high-quality Alexandrite laser crystals.

The combined forces of the partners will enable a detailed TRL 6 qualification of the coated Alexandrite crystals within the GALACTIC project making these crystals a new purely European product to be utilized in future space missions by the space industry.

The development will be accompanied by strategic dissemination activities promoting the activities of GALACTIC to a broad audience.

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